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Turkish fast food: Real food fast

The definition of ‘fast food’ according to the Wikipedia is food cooked in build and in advance, kept warm or re-heated to order....

Slow Fish a great success

Slow Food in collaboration with the region of Liguria, has just finished celebr4ating the event Slow Fish 2007. It was a great success with 42,000 visitors, a much higher number than expected. ...

National Sea Change Task Force urges more flood studies

ABC Wed Jul 11 07 The Mayor of Maroochy Shire on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Joe Natoli, says it could be another 12 months before the CSIRO is able to undertake a flood modelling study in the Sunshine Coast region because the research body is under-funded. ...

Treechangers change country culture

An influx of treechangers into a rural community can keep population levels steady but it can change the needs and expectations within the community. ...

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Kids may need to downshift too

Children today, even very young children, often lead a life that is just as unbalanced and stressful as many adults who choose to downshift. Childhood today, is often a far cry from the fun filled carefree childhood many of us experienced.

Slow time
Slow time

Think of the complaints of many parents: “I spend all my time driving my kids to activities” “I just want some time to myself – I’m in the car every day after school taking the kids to lessons etc. and the weekend is filled up with sporting events.”

In trying to make sure our child has all the advantages of her peers we end up running ourselves and them ragged. They go to ballet, jazz, gymnastics, swimming, debating, tai chi, karate, drama, tennis, French, piano and music lessons. And on top of that sometimes our child needs tutoring because they aren’t doing as well in class as we would like, so we try to help them with tutoring class.

Then there is the social scene. We want our child to be accepted so they need to be part of the social scene in the neighbourhood and school. They have sleep-overs, play-overs, parties, going out to meals and have friends over to play and sleep.

Party after party
Party after party

Where is the balance for them? What are they learning? They are learning that they need to ‘get ahead’, to be socially well-connected, have a range of skills and talents, achieve in school, and fill every moment with activity.

Where is their quiet time to think and reflect; to read and discuss good books; to think of things to do for themselves; to dream, to get in touch with their spiritual nature and to truly connect with life, family and friends?

Many children cannot cope with the pressure and time schedule. They become nervous children with poor self esteem. Some become underachievers as a result – there is just too much for these children to achieve, they decide to go through the motions but little more. Our expectations weigh heavy on their little shoulders.

Time to just 'be'
Time to just 'be'

Children need a downshift as much as we do, or more so. If we decide not to downshift, for whatever reason, we can at least support our child in downshifting to a more balanced, fulfilled and happy life. Do they need to be involved in as many activities, events etc? Do they need so many friends? Would one or two good friends do them more good? We can help them to have quality relationships and deep friendships.

Our actions and values may be just what our friends and the parents of our children’s friends need to help them to make the changes they have been wanting to make for some time, but been afraid to.